WhatsApp Vs. Signal: Here are top 6 reasons why you should download Signal instead.

WhatsApp Vs. Signal: Here are top 6 reasons why you should download Signal instead.


In a surprise move, WhatsApp recently gave many of its users a difficult choice: they could either accept a revised privacy policy that explicit allowed the service to share information with parent company Facebook by February 8th, or decline and risk not being able to use the service at all,which is quite on unfair on the side of it’s users because WhatsApp should have considered and respected it’s users privacy.

Signal on the other hand is used by journalists, activists, lawyers, researchers, dissidents, politicians, and security experts around the world. And the main reason for that is – top notch security.

You need more reason to shift?

Signal is probably the only app on Earth that you should be looking to if you want to ensure your conversations stay between you and your contacts.

But here’s why you should be using Signal over WhatsApp, even if you only want to send the Wi-Fi password to your roommate or a photo of your nephew to your grandmother:

1. It isn’t owned by a big corporation

Signal Messenger LLC, which works under a non-profit (like Mozilla) called the Signal Foundation, was formed after Acton left the company and donated $50 million to Signal. The app is widely considered the gold standard for encrypted texting today

Unlike WhatsApp, the Signal Foundation is a nonprofit, is not tied to any major tech companies, and can never be acquired by one. The development of the app is supported entirely by grants and donations from Signal users.

2. You know exactly what’s inside the app Because of Signal’s privacy-first approach to every aspect of the app, and the fact that the source code (sort of like the ‘recipe’ to create an application) is publicly available.

This means that experts around the world can take a look at Signal’s code and look for problems, ensuring they are fixed faster than other apps like Messenger and WhatsApp.

3. Everything is encrypted, including your GIFs

Secondly, Signal encrypts everything you could think of, including your profile photo, your voice and video calls, photos, attachments, stickers, and location pins.

Have you ever searched for a GIF on WhatsApp? Your search terms are sent directly to GIPHY, which Facebook also owns. Signal works around this issue by searching for the GIF on their servers and sending it to your phone.

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4. Securely back up your chats and keep your contacts on your device

Signal also doesn’t send unsecured backups of your messages to the cloud where they can be read by anyone, including Google and WhatsApp. Instead, they are stored in an encrypted database on your phone and only you hold the key.

The app doesn’t even store your contacts on their server, using another privacy-friendly method to match you with your friends.

5. You’ll get the most privacy friendly features first

One of Signal’s oldest and most useful features is the one that lets you make messages disappear, something that only recently came to WhatsApp. Users can set a timer of anything between 10 seconds to a week and any messages older than that will simply vanish.

One-time viewable media and messaging requests, other handy Signal features, simply don’t exist on WhatsApp.

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6. Stop other apps on your phone from seeing what you type

Signal also has other features that simply don’t exist on other mainstream messaging platforms. One such feature is an Incognito Keyboard option that tells your keyboard not to learn from what you type on the app. Another setting on Signal for Android called the ‘Screen security’ will stop any app from looking into your Signal window and see what you’re typing, which is really neat.

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To wrap things up, Signal is probably the only app you should be looking to if you want to ensure your messages stay between you and your friends. You can head over to signal.org and download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store, then send the same link to your friends.


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